The City of Steinbach now has among the cheapest gas in all of Canada. 

According to GasBuddy, the average price of regular gasoline in Steinbach on Friday is 144.4 cents per litre. That is the 7th cheapest of all cities in Canada. In fact, as of Friday, five of the seven cities with the least expensive fuel are in Manitoba.  Winnipeg has the cheapest fuel in Canada at 141.2, followed by Dauphin at 141.9. Number four on that list is Selkirk at 143.5, number five is Brandon at 143.9 and Steinbach is at 144.4.

At an average cost of 142.1 cents per litre, Manitoba has the least expensive fuel of all provinces in Canada. The most expensive province is British Columbia, where the average price is 193.9 cents per litre. White Rock, British Columbia is the city in Canada with the highest cost of fuel, at 210.9 cents per litre.

The price of gas in Steinbach is nearly 12 cents per litre cheaper than it was one year ago. On April 5, 2023, gas was selling in Steinbach for 156.3 cents per litre.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, our province announced that it is extending the gas tax holiday. As a result of the holiday, which took effect in early January, our province no longer collects the 14 cents per litre Provincial Sales Tax. The holiday will be extended to the end of September. 

Also, this week, the carbon tax increased across Canada, resulting in gas prices rising by three to four cents per litre. The move prompted protests across Canada.