The Local Urban District committee for New Bothwell will not be raising taxes this year.

Chair Ernest Kehler says they have decided to keep the mill rate unchanged for 2024 at 5.25 mills.

The committee has five capital projects planned for this year. The first project will see the installation of a concrete sidewalk along Falcon Drive from Fairfield Lane to Fernwood Way. The work is expected to cost about $37,000.

Another project will see a concrete sidewalk installed along Sheila Drive from Fairfield Lane to Fernwood Way. This project is expected to cost about $21,000.

The LUD committee is also planning to install drainage and a concrete sidewalk connecting Sheila Drive to Feathertail Way through the municipal right of way. The anticipated cost of this project is $25,000.

Kehler says they have also entered into negotiations to purchase a strip of land between 20 Crown Valley Road West and 42 Crown Valley Road West. The anticipated cost of the acquisition is $50,000. The acquisition might only happen in 2025.

Kehler notes one final project will see the LUD committee place a flashing speed sign at the south end of the community along Provincial Road 216. He is unsure of the cost of this project. 

Meanwhile, the committee is planning to hold its annual meeting on April 30th at the recreation centre.