Cheeseboard sales at a small shop in Steinbach are exploding right now after their product debuted on The View Monday morning.

Candice Cancade says she and the other four part-owners of Lynn & Liana Serveware have spent the past several months building up their inventory, well-aware that their sales would skyrocket once the product appeared on the popular American Talk show.

While it may seem rare for a small product from Steinbach to catch the attention of big-city show businesses, Cancade says somehow the public has become enamored with their ornate, resin-covered, wooden charcuterie boards.

“To have a product that is very unique and very desired is very very exciting.”

Cancade says The View will now be added to the growing list of shows and events that have featured their special boards. Presently, that list includes Good Morning America’s Deals & Steals, The Marc & Mandy Show, as well as the celebrity gifts suite at The Golden Globes.

rs were ready to start filling and shipping orders as fast as they could.

"[We are] required to fulfill the orders within three business days and that is why we needed a ton of people here picking orders and packaging," she explains, "and our sales have been over the moon!”

Taking a mental step back from the frenzy of orders, Candice says reflecting on how her small business has evolved is almost startling. They began creating their products in a garage only three years ago and developed a partnership with one small store in New York who displayed and sold their wares.

“We started with one, pretty soon it was 15, and then we invested in going to a trade show and from there we grew from 15 stores to 30 and now we have over 600 stores carrying our product across North America,” she shares.

Cancade says there are still another 60 stores vying to sell their products but her small business simply cannot meet the demand right now.

“It’s very overwhelming and it literally takes all four of us working very hard with a lot of coaching and a lot of help to make the business fit the kind of growth that we are seeing.”

In response to the increasing enthusiasm around Lynn & Liana Serveware, the owners have decided to move from their present Steinbach location into one roughly three times the size on Industrial Avenue.

Anyone who would like to purchase the products during the View Your Deal limited-time sale can do so on their website until midnight tonight. Otherwise, Cancade says the boards can be purchased at Earl’s Meat Market, Main Bread & Butter, or Prairie Oils and Vinegar right here in Steinbach.