Ste. Anne resident and real estate agent Jeremy Wiens is putting his name on the ballot for Ste. Anne council.  

Wiens has resided in Ste. Anne for 14 years and hopes to contribute to the growth and the future vision of the town beyond real estate.  

“I have a vision of my own and I think it aligns very well with the direction we're going,”  

From the roads and small businesses to people in the community, he wants to make sure that it’s all taken care of. Going into the election, his slogan is “family and friends equal community.” 

“When we take care of those things, it's just a better place to live, better world we live in, right?” 

He places an emphasis on community, collaboration and family. If elected, one project he believes is worth looking into is a community centre, along with other goals and priorities.  

“I think that [community centre] would be something worth looking into and of course development and bringing small businesses and making the town more self-sufficient. I think those are all good things we can look forward to.” Wiens said.  

The expansion and growth of the town in terms of land is a challenge that looks forward to helping tackle. 

“How are we going to expand? How are we going to grow? Where is this all going to come from?” 

For Wiens and his family, running for election is a way to give back to the community.  

“They're excited. They're all on board. My girlfriend, we have four kids between us and we are pretty excited about doing this.”