The Mayor of Ste. Anne is excited the town has been successful at securing a new daycare facility through a program by the provincial and federal governments. 

Yvan St. Vincent says the growing community is in desperate need of more childcare spots and he is thankful the town was selected in this round of announcements. 

We hadn’t got in on Phase 1 or Phase 2, which we were disappointed with, but we got in on this phase,” he says. “So, it's a huge thank you to our MLA Mr. Bob Lagassé and Minister Ewasko for recognizing the need in our town.” 

Canada and Manitoba have provided more than $94 million for two phases of the RTM child-care project, which uses a hybrid construction model to quickly develop spaces. 

The RTM model allows high-quality, new facilities to be built under controlled conditions before they are moved to the final site and placed on a permanent foundation.

Ready to move daycare in Rosenort.New daycare being built in Rosenort.

Construction costs are fully funded under the Canada-Manitoba Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement in exchange for land, servicing and free rent space for the child-care operator. 

St. Vincent says the town recognized the need in town for more daycare space and applied to this program a year ago. 

“Part of the project is that we have to dedicate up to a couple acres for it, as well as do the maintenance and those kinds of things on it. So, we had begun preliminary conversations in case we ever were able to receive (a daycare building). And so now that we have the official go ahead, we're going to start doing those more in depth conversations. And then obviously put out a tender for applicants to apply to basically run this facility.” 

St. Vincent says they have a few ideas for a location, but that decision has not been finalized. While he could not offer a timeline for the new daycare to be open, St. Vincent expects work to get underway by fall, with 74 childcare spaces. 

The town learned last month that one of their daycare centres, Children of the Universe, might soon be without a building. If a new space cannot be secured, 31 families will be without childcare. 

Meanwhile, the new vocational high school will open in 2027 in Ste. Anne which will include a daycare with 72 spots.

A month ago, the town had heard they would not be getting a daycare through this provincial/federal initiative, so St. Vincent is ecstatic to find out Ste. Anne made the cut this time around. He appreciates this support for families in the community who desperately need childcare.