There was a lot of disappointment last week as the Town of Ste. Anne was left out of the provincial announcement which saw 14 communities promised new daycare spaces. 

Mayor Yvan St. Vincent says more childcare spaces are needed for this fast-growing community. 

“We know there's a huge need in our community,” he says. “Especially at the rate that our community has grown, that need just increases. We also know it's an important part of growing a community. If you want to attract more residents to come to your location, then we need to offer those services.” 

St. Vincent had been hoping they would make the cut. 

“We have folks, daycare folks, who are ready to offer those services, the town is willing to find the land to put these facilities on, etcetera. Unfortunately, we weren't chosen this time.” 

Although he is disappointed, the mayor has not lost hope in getting more childcare spaces for the community. 

“We are still hoping, our understanding is there may be more phases so we're hopeful that we'll maybe be (included) at a different time in another phase, but that's I guess to be determined.” 

The announcement las week was phase two of a commitment that was first made last November. 

Phase one included 666 new spaces in nine communities through a partnership between the governments of Canada and Manitoba, municipal governments and First Nation communities. 

When you combine both phases, there will be 1,670 new spaces and a total of 23 new centres. Similar to phase one, these daycares will be ready-to-move buildings that are constructed off site and then moved into each community. 

“We would be a worthy recipient,” says St. Vincent. “But that being said, I'm not privy to what the other community needs are.” 

He is confident that this province is aware of how quickly the town is growing and the increasing demand for more childcare spaces in the town. 

“I'm very optimistic that one day we will be granted some of those spaces because we know there's a need for it.” 

St. Vincent says the town currently has a couple of daycares along with some childcare offered in providers’ homes.