A lot of different subjects were discussed at the village of St. Pierre’s previous council meeting. 

For one, they had a presentation about a municipal food cycler program.

St. Pierre Mayor Raymond Maynard says the presentation showed them what this food cycler does. 

“Basically what it is, is all the food waste would go in this cycler, and in eight hours it will go from food waste to usable compost. Four to eight hours depending on which food cycler that is purchased.” 

Council is looking at a program where they can buy it at reduced rates, where it would cost residents either $50 or $100 to buy the food cyclers, depending on the one they would choose. 

“The food cyclers, I think they're $500 if I remember correctly. But I think it's a good program, we need the compost we need to save the environment, so this is a way to do it.” 

Another part of the meeting was the Rat River Recreation presentation. 

Maynard says Josie Unrau from Rat River Recreation comes to council once a year to give council a review of what happened in the past year. 

“Basically listing all the different programs that she did throughout the region, not only St. Pierre, but Saint Malo, Otterburne...” he says. “She's doing an excellent job and I look forward to more programs this year. She says she’s got a lot of stuff on the go, she's got a part-time worker helping her, so they're going to be doing some more programs.” 

Ball diamonds were also discussed at council.

The village of St. Pierre is working with the RM to try and secure a location to have ball diamonds for the region. 

Maynard says it's something between the RM and the village, so the two have to agree on a location, and a location hasn't been agreed on yet. 

“We've suggested a location just West of town, right on the border. The old fairgrounds in RM, there used to be ball diamonds there. It belongs to the parish, so there are some agreements being made with the parish.” 

He says if everything works out, they should be able to start working on some grants and get those ball diamonds built. 

Maynard notes that two developments started in 2023, and he is excited to see them progress. 

One will have 140 units and the other one will be 80 units.  

“The one that's doing the 80 units, they just cleared some land, so now they're going to be putting the shovel in the ground, apparently in February,” he says. “I'm looking forward to finally seeing those two developments have buildings on there, and getting some places for people that they can rent, because these are mostly going to be rental areas.” 

He is also looking forward to the possibility of some more commercial. 

“One of the developers, the one with the 80 unit, he's going to be subdividing the land and having an area right on 59 for a commercial, whether it be a retail store or restaurant, they're not sure yet.” 

Maynard also mentions that they got Jolys Avenue East paved as it was in dire need of repairs. 

Also, he says their plans for the new Southeast Recreational Wellness Campus have been revised from what they announced in June.

They are just getting ready for the final plans, and on February 10th they will be unveiling that along with their rec master plan at the hall in St. Pierre. 

“This is something that we're doing with the RM of De Salaberry and we're going to be unveiling everything and see what people want,” he says. “There's going to be a survey so there's going to be three options of what people want for recreation regarding the arenas, and we'll find out what most of the people want, and we'll go from there.” 


With files from Adi Loewen