The Village of St. Pierre is once again on the hunt for a new councillor.

Francine Roy has resigned from her role, as of November 23, because she has sold her place of residence and recently moved to Winnipeg.

This comes just two months after the October election when councillors, Paule Peloquin and Raymond Gagne, were appointed to council because not enough candidates had come forward.

Roy came in on a by-election about a year after the 2014 election when Brian Martel resigned.

"It’s going to be different this time," explains Maynard as he talks about the uniqueness of the political life in St. Pierre. "We are already getting some ruffles around town that there’s a lot of people who want to put in their name so I think this is going to be something that is different from the past and it’s going to be good."

Maynard says knows of at least three people who have expressed interest in running and suggests people are maybe now realizing they have a chance at making it. He adds after the election, eight people had come forward to fill the two vacant seats at the time. 

"Maybe it’s all of a sudden in people’s minds that, ‘wow, we have to get interested in this, nobody’s putting in their name, someone has got to do this.' I guess the interest has peaked now," Maynard says. 

Candidates can hand in their nomination between January 2 and 8. The by-election is scheduled for February 13.

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