Christina Lambert from St. Malo was recently on Family Feud Canada with her family. 

They filmed in late September, and the episodes are currently running on CBC. 

The five contestants representing the Lambert Family were Christina Lambert, her husband, her son, her daughter who is the team captain, and her niece from La Broquerie.  

They only had about two weeks to practice, as they were only informed that they were wanted on the show in early September. 

She says her family was somewhat confident going into filming, as luckily her husband and son had been practicing since April when they sent in the audition. 

Lambert notes going into the rehearsal the day of taping, they didn’t do so well. 

"We went back to our dressing room after the rehearsal and said we don't deserve to be here, we are terrible. But I mean, you suck it up and the show must go on. And we went on the show and it was a fantastic experience start to finish.” 

After a bad rehearsal, they swooped in with the win. 

“I think we were just too nervous, but as we eased into everything, it turned out really well. We had a great time.” 

The immediate family and a few friends got together to watch the first episode on Wednesday. 

“We were super excited because it takes about an hour and a half to two hours to tape a 22 minute show. So we want to see what they've edited out and what they've kept in. So we were just as excited to watch as everybody else.” 

None of their family or friends knew about the outcome of the gameshow.

“We couldn't tell anybody what was happening or how we had done. So nobody had any idea what was going on. They were all on the edge of their seats, it was really fun.” 

Lambert says going on Family Feud Canada was amazing, and highly recommends it. 

“If you're sitting on an audition tape like we did, don’t hesitate, send it in. We videoed our audition probably two years ago, and then we sat on it because we didn't think it was good enough, and then we sent it in this spring. It was a lot of fun.” 

You can watch the next episode featuring the Lambert family tonight on CBC. 


With files from Kenton Dyck