The South EastMan Filipino Association (SEMFA) recently had a huge holiday party with about 500-600 guests in attendance. 

SEMFA wanted to make this party extra special since COVID had halted parties for a few years. 

Greg Carlos from SEMFA says they put on quite the bash. 

“We shared ideas to make this party spectacular because they deserve it, especially the newcomers,” he says. “So we work with IRM Church, welcome the newcomers, and gave them welcome packages during the holiday party.” 

He says this party was much bigger compared to past years. 

“We actually used the whole building of Pat Porter ALC. We used all the rooms, the kitchen, and we tried to use the hallways, but we weren't allowed because of the fire hazard,” he says. “But we tried to have everyone seated. Everyone enjoyed (the event) and we even had bouncy castles and face painting for the kids.” 

Enjoy these photos taken at the event! 


with files from Kenton Dyck