After two years and one month of handing out take-out meals, Soup’s On in Steinbach has returned to serving guests indoors.

Joy Neufeld says it feels so good to have people come inside, sit at the table with friends and enjoy a meal together.

She says nourishment is important, for the body and for the soul. Neufeld explains their goal is to develop community and she feels they were quite successful at that prior to the pandemic.

ot join them at this significant event.

Five of the regular guests passed away during the past two years.

Joy Neufeld remembers five regular guests who passed away since the pandemic began in Manitoba.

“They were all gentlemen with tremendous characters,” says Neufeld. “They had big personalities. We made a poster remembering them.”

During Tuesday’s dinner, Neufeld says they took a few minutes to reflect on the value of each man and they shared memories and stories.

“They were very much a part of soup kitchen prior to COVID,” she says. “I’ll miss them for a long time. They had amazing personalities.”

The soup kitchen served a special meal on Tuesday, spaghetti and meat sauce with cheese toast. This was the same meal they served on the very first evening that Soup’s On opened its doors back in 2004.

Soup’s On serves guests on Tuesdays and Fridays in the basement at Grace Mennonite Church in Steinbach. During the past two years, the soup kitchen provided up to 90 take-out meals in one evening. Neufeld expects that it might take people a bit of time to feel comfortable enough to come inside to eat.