The self-declared Queen of Canada, Romana Didulo, has set up a base in Gardenton, about 45 minutes south of Steinbach.

Concerned residents of Gardenton reached out to SteinbachOnline saying the woman infamous for burning a Canadian flag during Ottawa’s 'Freedom Convoy' and encouraging her supporters to arrest police officers, was hosting an event in their town.

A property in Gardenton has been turned into a compound surrounded by temporary fencing and guards at the gates. When approached by a reporter, Didulo supporters refused comment saying they were hosting a private event.

Michelle Gawronsky, Reeve for the RM of Stuartburn,  says they are aware of concerns but are not aware of any Bylaws or laws being broken. The RCMP have been contacted and are aware also.

Gardenton compoundChairs are set-up for a gathering at the fenced in property in Gardenton

Didulo, a self-proclaimed leader of the unregistered "Canada 1st Political Party," has a following of over 48,000 on the messaging platform Telegram. Her beliefs, deeply rooted in the QAnon conspiracy theory, include the existence of a globalist cabal orchestrating nefarious deeds from the shadows.

Didulo's claims range from being an extraterrestrial with access to secret healing technology to abolishing utility bills.

Didulo's self-proclaimed monarchy has ignited concerns especially as she demands donations from followers while they suffer the consequences of her decrees. Attempts to utilize her decrees have consistently failed, resulting in property seizures and foreclosures.

X (Twitter) user QRD_Transparency, a Romana Didulo watchdog, posted, “Romana Didulo tells people not to pay taxes or utilities. Her followers suddenly have an influx of "disposable" income, and in gratitude send $50 to their queen. The debt collectors come and the followers are out of luck.”

Initially communicating mainly through Telegram, Didulo later began touring Canada in RVs with a close group of 11 followers. They visited Parliament Hill during the Freedom Convoy events. Currently on their third tour, they sleep in multiple RVs, occasionally staying at campgrounds or acquaintances' properties. Each member of her inner circle wears a uniform symbolizing their status as QAnon "white hats."

During meet-and-greets, Didulo gives speeches, often focusing on recurring themes. She records these speeches and uploads them to her Telegram channels. Recently, she has been holding live streams, directly addressing her followers and seeking financial support for her travels.

Didulo's followers have started using her decrees to avoid paying utility and mortgage bills, leading to disconnections and legal consequences.

In February 2023, Didulo introduced "loyalty money," larger than regular currency with her emblem, and a denomination of "100000." She claims it's nontransferable, backed by precious metals, and can be cashed at a fictitious entity, the "National and Provincial Treasuries of the Kingdom of Canada." Currently, it holds no value, and its worth is expected to be determined by her followers, guided by future decrees.

As Didulo's influence grows, so does her control over her followers. Reports have surfaced of authoritarian and abusive behavior towards her team, with threats of execution directed at those who displeased her. Those who quit or fell out of favour faced similar threats.

Experts warn that breaking away from Didulo's orbit can be exceedingly difficult for her followers. Despite repeated failed prophecies and the exposure of QAnon influencers as frauds, individuals remain tethered to these leaders due to psychological manipulation and the fear of missing out on promised rewards.



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