It may have taken two years, but that’s meant 24-months of anticipation for the completion of the 24-unit Steinbach Community Outreach (SCO) affordable housing complex. 

“The Bridge” will be ready for occupancy on December 1st. 

Back in late 2021, SCO first presented Steinbach City Council with a plan to build a 24-unit affordable housing complex and take advantage of a $1.3M grant that the province was offering through the city.   

The complex is located at 224 Woodhaven Avenue in Steinbach, across from L.A. Barkman Park. The groundbreaking ceremony was held last September, and now SCO is expecting occupancy in five weeks.  

Charlene Kroeker, office manager at Steinbach Community Outreach says,  

“Things are coming along really nicely at The Bridge. Construction is almost complete. They're getting there.” 

Kroeker says over the next couple of weeks, their staff will be kept busy, but not with construction.  

“So, right now we are accepting applications for The Bridge. So, if your income is less than $32,000 a year, you would qualify to apply. You can find an application form on our website under the tab The Bridge. If you have questions stop by our Drop-in Centre, you can also send us an e-mail. We're happy to connect about that as well.” 

The 24 bachelor and 1-bedroom suites will provide low-rent housing to low-income and vulnerable individuals.  

Kroeker notes that everyone is really excited to be able to finally start housing people in the community. 

She says several individuals have already expressed interested in living at “The Bridge”, so much so, that they are starting to request whom they would like to live next to on their floor. Kroeker smiles and says, “We will do our best to accommodate as many of those requests as we can.” 

While the provincial grant was a great help to get the project started,  

“We are still accepting monetary donations towards The Bridge. The process has been quite expensive and quite lengthy. So, if anyone does want to give, send us an e-mail, we're happy to connect with you about that as well.” 

Kroeker says, each unit will have new appliances, fixtures and even new curtain rods, while the rest of the furnishings will be the responsibility of the tenant.  

SCO is planning an open house at “The Bridge” on Wednesday, November 22 from 4pm to 6pm and Kroeker invites the public to attend.  

“So, if anyone is interested in coming out and taking a look at what's being done and what we're planning on doing in that building, and the work we're planning on doing in that building, feel free to stop by at that time.”


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