The Seine River School Division is projecting growth in all its schools when it comes to student populations. 

Now the board is looking at ways to provide enough space for all the students. 

Board Chair Wendy Bloomfield says there is significant growth in St. Adolphe and that is expected to continue. 

“At one point, we had lots of space, and now we're down to almost no growth space within the school,” she says. “So, we're starting to look at whether we need to ask for something there. Part of the problem there is we don't have a large piece of land so you can't really add on to the school very easily.” 

It has been a while since an update was provided regarding the new school in ste. Anne. 

“Things are starting to clunk along, if I can say that. We're not in a position to announce where or what the school will be, etcetera, because there's still details,” she says. “But it looks like things are moving ahead for a new school in Ste. Anne.” 

Bloomfield says that the project is still going forward and there are many details that still need to be ironed out. 

Near the end of 2021, the province approved a new school in Ste. Anne. 

Bloomfield notes there are many pieces that need to come together before construction can begin. She is confident that progress is being made, even though it might not be happening as quickly as everyone would like.