A new report is recommending that Ste Anne Schools receive more spacing.

“There needs to be 14 new classrooms,” says Superintendent of Seine River School Division Michael Borgfjord of the report.

Ste Anne is currently the fastest growing community in the school division, says Bordfjord, and that is causing the need for added infrastructure.

“It's a complicated situation as there are three schools in one complex and all three schools have space challenges,” offers Borgfjord.

The report outlines a couple of suggestions that could be considered in long term planning. The first recommendation is to build a high school in one of the town’s new subdivisions and have the immersion K to grade 8 classes, along with the English ones, coexisting within the current facility. The other option would be to have the immersion K to grade 8 school built in the new subdivision and leave the high school and English K to grade 8 classes at the existing location.

Borgfjord says it was the Public Schools Finance Board that initially gave permission for the feasibility study and that they have already approved the need for more classroom space in Ste Anne.

“This does not mean that the province is committing to a new school in Ste Anne in the next two or three years,” says Borgfjord, “but it’s on the radar and so we’ll continue to work with the Public Schools Finance Board and the community towards making sure we have appropriate space for our schools.”

According to Borgfjord, a similar study was was done in La Salle about seven or eight years ago, and they finally completed their new addition a year and a half ago.