A statue of a Russländer family has gone up beneath the clock tower in Steinbach.

The statue itself is bronze, nine feet tall, and weighs around 1,800 pounds. It depicts a young family that was forced to flee their homeland.  

According to Daniel Banman, representative of The Robert D. & Joanne S. Banman Heritage Foundation, the statue commemorates the Russländer migration of Mennonites to the Steinbach region between 1923 and 1926.

Being the 100th anniversary of the migration, the Banmans thought it would be an ideal time to commemorate this key part of Steinbach's local history.  

Banman says his grandfather was aboard the vessel, Empress of Scotland, and arrived in Montreal on October 2nd, 1926, at the age of eight.

A bronze family statue has gone up beneath the clock tower in Steinbach (Shannon Dueck).


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