La Broquerie’s Kayla Penner had back surgery on October 26th in Brenham, Germany.  

The surgery went really well and Penner was able to head back to Canada on Tuesday. 

Her mother, Amy Klassen, is happy to say she is doing good. They are expecting she should be fully recovered in 100 days. 

“She's just excited to get back to life!” 

Klassen notes they are extremely close to hitting their fundraising goal, with now only $3,000 left to go.

“I'll do some things before Christmas taking advantage of the season and I do woodworking and all kinds of things. I might do cookies, I haven't really totally thought about it yet. But taking a little bit of a break and a breather.” 

She is extremely grateful for all the support her family has received from the community, as people have banded together to get this young woman’s life back to normal. 

“All of the people that made this happen, just so terribly thankful for them. It is such a gift to have her get back into working and doing all of the things that she had stopped doing. Just thankful for all the people that gave her this gift.” 

Klassen notes Penner and her husband recently moved from Steinbach to La Broquerie, and got possession of their house just two weeks befroe they left. 

“They just bought a house, and so they had a lot going on before they left. They did some real quick renos, or her husband did, so there's some painting and things to get back to when they're up for it.” 


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