YFC Blumenort held their grand opening Monday evening, inviting the community to check out the new center

Ministry Director Vince Kehler says they actually began running drop-ins three weeks ago. He notes they aim to bring hope to young people in the community through meaningful relationship, emotional support, physical support, and spiritual support. 

“I believe that Jesus is our hope, and he gives that hope for eternity to us and we want to point teens to that and have safe conversations. We want to be a place where kids can come and ask questions about why is life so hard? What's going on? And look for answers for what happens after this life here on earth.” 

Having had five drop-in nights already, Kehler notes it has been cool to see teenagers who grew up together reconnect. 

“Even though some have chosen either go to different schools or walk different paths, now they're actually reconnecting at the drop-in which is really beautiful to see. It feels like an answer to prayer.” 

a group of people inside YFC Blumenort enjoying coffeeYFC Blumenort's grand opening was held Monday evening. Photo credit: Mike Rogal.

Kehler says they have also seen a sizable contingent of newcomers roll through their doors.  

“We've had a lot of Ukrainian families move in and so on our first five nights, we had a group of about 5 boys that are coming in, struggling to speak English and yet they're hanging out with us and we're working at that. I'm really excited, one of our volunteers teaches English as a second language and so she's going to help us out a ton with these boys.” 

Kehler says the grand opening Monday evening was an awesome opportunity to share these types of stories with the community. He notes people from all over dropped by to see the beautiful new space and Stone City Coffee Roasters even set up a full coffee bar, serving amazing drinks by donation.  

Going forward, Kehler says the YFC Blumenort drop-in will be open to youth Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 to 9:30 PM.