Wednesday could end up being the warmest day so far this month in Southern Manitoba. But that will be followed by another day of more winter-like weather.

Environment Canada is calling for a forecast high of 11 degrees on Wednesday in Steinbach. If it hits even 10 degrees, it would be the first time reaching a double-digit high temperature since October 23rd. 

Meteorologist Samantha Mauti says 11 degrees would likely make it the second warmest November 15th on record for Steinbach. The record high for this date is 14.4 degrees set in 2015.

Our weather will then take a sharp turn after today. Mauti says there is a low-pressure system developing in Montana. This low will skirt across the northern plains and southern prairies, bringing the possibility of snow through southern Manitoba for Thursday. 

"We're not expecting too much snow," she says. "It should be just a light dusting."

Mauti says it appears the heavier snow will stay to the north of Steinbach.

Environment Canada is calling for a forecast high of +2 degrees for Steinbach on Thursday, which is still warmer than the normal high for this time of year of -1.

Also on Thursday, Mauti says winds will be from the north at 20 to 40 kilometres per hour (km/h) to start the day. She notes it is possible for wind gusts of up to 60 km/h.

The winter-like weather on Thursday will be short-lived. Mauti explains that there is a ridge building behind the low-pressure system. As a result, temperatures will soar well above normal again, beginning Friday. Friday's high for Steinbach is five degrees, while Saturday and Sunday could reach highs of eight degrees. The record high for November 18th is 8.5 degrees set in 1979, while the record high for November 19th is 8.0 degrees set in 1980.

According to Environment Canada, temperatures should return to normal for the early part of next week, when daytime highs are expected to dip below the freezing mark again.


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