Spring break may still be over a month away, but many local spring break day camp programs have already begun registration. 

This year spring break is the last week of March.  

Camila Funes-Giesbrecht with the Steinbach Arts Council says this year they took a bit of a different approach by opening up registration for their Spring Break Out Camps earlier than normal. She notes “people are usually very excited about Spring Break Out Camp, so we just wanted to give everyone a chance to get on that list.” 

With Good Friday landing on spring break this year, Funes-Giesbrecht says they have four full days of activity planned.  

“We have Healthy Kids coming to Spring Break Out Camp. We also have Island Breeze coming to add a dancing component and a cultural component to our camps, we always have dance, visual arts, and theatre.” She adds “Something specific that's new this year is culinary. We're incorporating a culinary component to Spring Break Out and Summer Arts Day Camp.” 

Funes-Giesbrecht says parents can register their kids by calling the SAC or online

two children colouring at the SACChildren at the Steinbach Arts Council

Teresa Mistelbacher is the Camps and Recreation Programmer for the Town of Niverville. She says they are running four spring break day camps for kids ages 6 to 12, noting parents can sign their kids up for one day or all four.  

“On Monday, we've got Lego Quest which is actually a take on one of our popular programs that we run through the year. We see a lot of interest in that, so we turned it into a one-day spring break camp as well. On Tuesday, we've got mythical creatures, you're going to learn about different folklore and create your own. On the Wednesday, we've got sports day and then Thursday, the last day of camps, we'll have Games Galore.”  

Mistelbacher says registrations have already been rolling in steadily. She notes “for Lego quest, we've actually only got 3 spots left. That one's obviously a pretty interesting spot for families to want to engage with and then we've still got some spots left for the rest, but think we will get very close to filling up for most of them, for sure." 

The easiest way to register for Niverville's Spring Break Camps is on their recreation website.

Meanwhile, Ian Dickey, the Leisure Services Programmer for the RM of La Broquerie, says planning is already well underway for their annual spring break day camp program.  

“It will be running it Monday through Thursday that week with the Friday being Good Friday, the holiday. We'll be doing lots of different crafts, games and activities. We'll have an art day, Colleen Watchorn coming out for a day to do projects with the kids, and we'll be doing a sports day and then like I said, lots of other games and crafts and activities throughout the week. It should be a lot of fun.” 

Dickey says at the moment, parents and students have to register for the full week, however, he adds “we'll see how we're doing as we get a little bit closer. If we do have a few extra spots, if it hasn't sold out, then we will open up single-day registrations. Right now, we just have it registration for the full week.” 

Register for La Broquerie's day camps here.

a young girl stretches homemade slimeLa Broquerie's Spring Break Camp 2023