Darrel Curé is hoping to return as Reeve for the Rural Municipality of De Salaberry. 

He is announcing his plan to run for re-election in the October 26th civic elections. 

Curé says there were certainly some challenges during the pandemic, but the municipality was able to accomplish a lot during the past four years. 

“We managed to go ahead with some water and sewer projects,” he says. “There's development coming, we've also got some recreational upgrades coming in our communities. So, these are projects that I would like to keep working on. One of the big ones as well is working with water management. I know a lot of our local farms are seeing some challenges with that.” 

Curé served one term as councillor before being elected as Reeve for the current term. 

He says his first term in the leadership role was challenging with everything that surrounded the pandemic, but there were many good things that also took place, and he wants to continue that work. 

"I definitely, like I said, want to keep working on water management,” Curé says as he looks at what the next four years might bring. “I think that's a big thing. We are also wanting to work on upgrading some of our recreational facilities, working on infrastructure for the municipality and just setting a well-established roster of staff.” 

Curé adds that he wants to be part of planning for continued growth as the municipality has a lot of potential. 

“Currently, we're working with a developer that's looking at developing some land in Otterburne,” he says. “There are a few developers looking at developing land in the St. Malo area. It's growing all the time. We've had some great growth in the past four years, and I expect to see this trend continuing in the next four years for sure.”