A flood watch has been issued for the Red River from Emerson to the Red River Floodway. The river is forecast to spill over its banks at some locations with peak flows within the Red River Valley expected to occur between April 8 and 15.

A precipitation system is forecast to bring up to 30 millimetres of precipitation in most parts of southern Manitoba including the United States portions of the Red River basin and tributaries. This forecast precipitation, together with the gradual snowmelt occurring in the Manitoba portion of the basins, could raise levels above their bank-full capacities at some locations within the Red River Valley.

Water levels are expected to peak between Emerson and the Red River Floodway inlet between April 8 and 15. With the potential operation of the floodway, the level of the Red River in Winnipeg at James Avenue is expected to peak between April 11 and 16.

Standard operating procedures for the Red River Floodway gates requires river ice to be broken up and cleared upstream of the floodway inlet. River ice observations indicate the ice is likely to clear by the end of the week and could create favourable conditions to operate the floodway if needed. In addition, provincial crews are deployed in a number of communities in the Red River Valley to regularly monitor basin conditions and assess potential dike closures.

Since Sunday, the Red River has climbed eight inches at Emerson to 781.20 feet, 16 inches at Morris to 766.90 feet and 15 inches at Ste. Agathe to 757.94 feet. The Roseau River has risen nine inches at Gardenton since Sunday, to 963.49 feet, less than one inch at Stuartburn to 947.60 feet and 10 inches at Dominion City to 777.08 feet. And, the Rat River has gone up five inches at Otterburne since Sunday, to 765.97 feet.