Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure says between Saturday and Sunday, the Red River has seen the following changes:

  • dropped just over 3 inches at Drayton to 42.65 feet
  • risen 1.3 inches at Emerson to 790.77 feet
  • risen half an inch at Letellier to 784.84 feet
  • fallen half an inch at St. Jean to 781.84 feet
  • risen 3.3 inches at Morris to 780.12 feet
  • risen 1.4 inches at Ste. Agathe to 771.56 feet
  • risen three quarters of an inch at St. Adolphe to 767.40 feet

Since Friday, the Roseau River has seen minor changes:

  • risen nearly three quarters of an inch at Gardenton, to 967.13 feet
  • no change at Stuartburn, remaining at 950.10 feet
  • dropped 1.2 inches at Dominion City (PR 200) to 782.95 feet

Also, since Saturday, the Rat River near Otterburne has dropped 1.2 inches to 772.88 feet, while the Seine River near Ste. Anne has gone down 9.48 inches to 833.74 feet.

Another weather system is moving into southern Manitoba. We can expect rain to begin overnight with a chance of occasional thunderstorms on Monday.