The Red River is near its crest in Manitoba.

According to Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure's Hydrologic Forecast Centre, the Red rose two inches from Monday to Tuesday at Emerson and Letellier and only one inch from St. Jean to the Red River Floodway.

Our province is calling for the Red River to crest sometime in the next three days at levels below those experienced in 2019.

Most tributaries in the basin have peaked or are near their peak. Some tributaries are experiencing higher levels due to backwater impacts from the Red River and will begin to decline once the peak passes on the Red River.

A Flood Warning remains in effect along the Red River from Emerson to Aubigny, along the Rat River from an area near Rosa to Ste. Agathe and along Roseau River near Dominion City. There is a Flood Watch along the Red River near Ste. Agathe.

Our province says there is no significant precipitation forecast in the next four days.

The Red River Floodway is operating under Rule 1 to lower water levels in Winnipeg while keeping water levels at or below the natural level upstream of the inlet control structure.