After not having recycling services last week, residents in the R.M. of Hanover can expect to see Eastman Recycling trucks back at work this week.

Darryl Marsh, Director of Services for enVision Community Living, which operates Eastman Recycling, says the service was suspended last week for the municipality due to a staffing shortage.

“The reason for the staff shortage and subsequent delay of the pick-up is related to COVID protocols with our staffing,” he explains.

The R.M. of Hanover was the only area impacted by the staffing shortage, and Marsh expects service to return to normal this week.

n that can also be found on the city's website.

What Can I put in my Blue Box for recycling?

Materials acceptable for recycling include:
- newspaper/flyers
- magazines
- telephone directories

- boxboard (i.e. cereal boxes)
- pizza boxes (without food or excessive grease inside)
- gable top cartons (i.e. milk cartons)
- aseptic containers (i.e. juice boxes)
- steel cans (i.e. soup cans)
- aluminum cans
- plastic (#1-7)
- glass containers/jars
- cardboard

Materials that cannot be recycled include:
- styrofoam
- aluminum foil
- plastic bags
- gift wrap

Compostable/organic materials should NOT be placed in your blue box. They can be brought to the landfill for composting.

Please rinse out your containers before placing them in the blue box.