Steinbach RCMP say the man who stopped to offer a couple of students a ride near Clearspring Middle School on Monday, has contacted the police and cleared up the issue. 

Staff Sergeant Guy Landreville says his officers were able to get a statement from the man.  

“We spoke with him and he was just trying to help out the young lad there that was having a hard time crossing a very, very large, almost the lake-size puddle and there's nothing more come of that. It was just a gentleman trying to help a 14-year-old boy out and that was it.” 

Landreville says they have contacted CMS to let them know that the investigation has wrapped up and there is nothing to be concerned about.  

He notes this shouldn’t discourage students from reporting incidents like this in the future. If something suspicious takes place, it is best to report it to a trusted adult. 

“We understand what's at stake here. We'll do our investigation and if they can turn out this way, then all the better.”