Shortly after school on Monday two Clearspring Middle School students were approached by a stranger offering them a ride.  

Hanover School Division Superintendent Shelley Amos says they take these sorts of reports very seriously, and out of an abundance of caution, they notified the RCMP. 

RCMP Spokesperson Paul Manaigre says the incident occurred just after school was let out for the day near the intersection of Hespeler Street and Evergreen Avenue. 

“The two students reported a black vehicle with an older male, they estimated a man in his 70's, approached one of the students and offered a ride. I guess there's a lot of water in the area and he said 'hey, I can bring you home.' They declined and the gentleman drove away.” 

Manaigre says there was no attempt to put the child in the vehicle and the man carried on after his conversation with the two students.  

He notes they appreciate these types of tips.  

“Some people actually may have good intentions, we don't know. If we are able to identify the person, great, we can speak with them and try and get an understanding of what took place. Perhaps it was a misunderstanding, it's hard to say, some people do wish to help others out. It is a bit of an odd situation. Certainly, we'll speak to anyone who may have information and then go from there.” 

Shelley Amos recommends parents and caregivers take this opportunity to remind their children of the following important messages surrounding personal safety: 

  • Children should never get into the car of a stranger. 
  • If a child feels threatened for any reason, they should contact a trusted adult immediately. 
  • Children should always be aware of their surroundings and be cautious if an unknown person approaches them. 
  • Children should try to walk in groups and well-lit areas, making it easy to find help if needed. 

Amos adds "we appreciate the RCMP's work in keeping our school communities safe."

If have any information regarding this incident, you are encouraged to reach out to the Steinbach RCMP Detachment.