The outdoor rink built last year in New Bothwell will soon be getting a cover.

Jason Peters is Manager of Recreation and Community Services for the Rural Municipality of Hanover. He notes through the Building Sustainable Communities program, they have received a provincial grant worth $299,411 for this project.

Peters explains putting a cover over that structure will allow that community to host more events. It will allow for community programming and special events, rain or shine. 

He notes they are still working out the details on what type of cover to go with, whether canvas or a hard structure. But Peters says it will still be an outdoor ice surface that is covered on top and partially down the sides.

Peters says the cost of the project will depend on the material they use. When the municipality sent in its application for the grant, it indicated the total cost would be around $600,000. The grant received is for 50 per cent of the projected cost. Peters explains if the project costs less than $600,000, the grant will be less. He anticipates having a better idea in the coming weeks, noting the goal is to complete the project this summer yet. 

As for the remaining funds, Peters says there is some private fundraising currently underway in that community. There is also money available through New Bothwell Recreation's reserve. 

Peters admits that requesting nearly $300,000 from the province was a big ask. And though he was cautiously optimistic, Peters says he was pleasantly surprised by the funding total they received. 

"Certainly (weren't) necessarily banking on this funding," he adds. "So, this is a nice bonus."

The outdoor rink in New Bothwell was constructed last year. A tournament was held in mid-January to officially open it.