A number of parents planned a student walkout at the SRSS on Thursday as part of the ongoing protests against COVID-19 restrictions, mask and vaccine mandates.

Students were told to walk out of school at 9 A.M. and meet on the sidewalk just off McKenzie Boulevard where parents and supporters were waiting.

Shortly after 9 somewhere between 100 and 150 students could be seen exiting the school as a group to join the protest set up outside. The SRSS has around 1,700 students. 

Approximately a third of the group gathered outside the SRSS was made of adults who had come to support the movement.

The Hanover School Division has promised to comment on this event Thursday afternoon.

s that if teachers have to be vaccinated, they have to be vaccinated but you also shouldn't be wearing a mask if you don't want to.”

Rowan Doerksen noted "I think everyone should have their freedom and masks aren't doing anyone any good. I think it is kind of useless at this point."

Faith Pettigrew says one of the reasons she joined the student walk-out was to support Dani, a school security guard who was let go because she chose not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and refused testing.

"I am taking part because we shouldn't have the need to wear masks inside all of the time and doing sports and not being able to breathe properly and having to have the vaccine for everything is just so unnecessary. It is supposed to be one of our rights to put something in our body and what we want to put on our face and we are old enough to make that decision."