Steinbach City Council gave first reading to rezone a vacant property on Kootenay Way from RLD (Residential Low Density) to RMD (Residential Medium Density) at Tuesday’s council meeting. 

The City of Steinbach informs that this property was previously zoned as RLD as part of the previous phase of Parkhill. Part of the previous phase of Parkhill was to create larger blocks and further subdivide when the development of the area was about to happen. 

Since that time, the previous phase has continued to see construction, and the owner is proposing to rezone the parcel to allow for multi-family to be developed on the site. 

The properties to both the immediate West and East are currently zoned for multi-family as well as many of the properties on the North side of Kootenay Way. 

This land is part of the newest phase of a multi-phase residential development, so there should not be any adverse effects to any of the surrounding properties. 

The application has been made by Albert Rempel representing Sincerus (Park Hill) GP Ltd., and the lot meets the requirements outlined for the RMD zone. 

There is not a site plan at this time for this property as the owner is not the one who will be developing the site. 

Councillor Damian Penner is looking forward to hearing more at the public hearing. 

“As developments come up and as supply and demand changes, so does what developers will be providing, so I feel with there being RMD close around that this justifies bringing to a public hearing to hear from the public.” 

Anyone who believes they will be affected by the rezoning is welcome to attend the public hearing on Tuesday, March 19. 

Properties along Kootenay Way.Properties along Kootenay Way.