An affordable medical transportation program in Steinbach is proving helpful in making sure people are able to get to their medical appointments. 

It operates through the Pat Porter Active Living Centre and Executive Director Audrey Harder says donations allow people to get to medical appointments by removing the financial barrier. 

“Not only is that money going to putting wheels on the ground, it's actually going to keeping people alive and healthy, and we really appreciate that people are doing that,” she says. “And if you want to contribute, make sure you tell us it's going straight to the Medical Transportation Program.” 

All donations benefit people who require transportation to various medical appointments who would not be able to afford this service on their own.

Audrey HarderAudrey Harder is the Executive Director at the Pat Porter Active Living Centre in Steinbach.

Harder points out that the Pat Porter Active Living Centre works with other organizations that help people get to their appointments. 

“The (organizations) can’t always find drivers,” she explains. “And that really leaves (people) waiting and unsure as to what's going to happen. So, they give us a call and we prepare, get a driver in waiting. Or if we don't have a volunteer driver, we have the accessible transit and make sure that works for them, and they're able to get to the appointments and they have not missed one appointment.”

Accessible transit van.Accessible transportation is an option through the program at the Pat Porter Active Living Centre. (Photo Credit:

The cost of transportation can become quite a burden, Harder adds, especially when frequent appointments are necessary, such as treatments for cancer or dialysis. She has heard of people who missed life-saving medical treatments because they did not have affordable access to transportation and Harder is now working hard to make sure that never needs to happen, again.

She appreciates the community coming together in support of this program.

The Country Classics Car Club held a successful car show during Summer in the City and raised $1,100 for medical transportation to help people who cannot afford the costly trips. The club is planning another fundraising event which will also support the medical transportation program.