Water is flowing through St. Pierre and so far, it is looking good.

Mayor Raymond Maynard says a lot of work was done in advance of the warm weather this spring, that included steam-cleaning for the storm drains.

“It’s working out great. We’ve already got excavators cleaning out ditches on Highway 59,” Maynard says.

Although it’s looking good at this time, maynard says they are not out of the woods just yet.

There is still a lot of spring left and the possibility for stormy weather.

Maynard is cautiously optimistic that the spring melt will not have a big impact on the community.

"As long as everything keeps thawing the way it is now, we’ll be fine, we don’t have any problems,” he says. “But if there’s all of the sudden four or five days where it’s 18, 19 degrees and it really melts like crazy, then we may some potential problems with over land flooding.”

The spring weather pattern has primarily been for melting temperatures during the day, and then nighttime temperatures have fallen enough to pause melting as everything would freeze up. Maynard says that was ideal.

We can expect around 4 degrees above freezing for Thursday with some rain and snow. Then, the temperature is expected to remain below freezing until Monday. After that, it appears the pattern will continue for daytime melting and nighttime freezing.

Near the end of last year, a new drainage system was installed and Maynard is hopeful it will help alleviate the flooding problems that happen in the community, particularly after a heavy rainfall. In front of Le Routier Restaurant, Highway 59 floods to the point where nobody can cross, he says.

“This should alleviate that problem,” Maynard adds.

With improvements to the drainage system, opening ditches and drains, and ideal thawing conditions, there are plenty of reasons to feel optimistic there will be minimal flooding.