Slam dunks, flashy plays and range beyond the arc: things the top basketball players from the southeast will be showing off this weekend. 

Prairie Basketball League’s (PBL) All-Stars and visiting Winnipeg club and university teams will be at the Steinbach Regional Secondary School (SRSS) Gold Gym on Saturday, June 3 for PBL’s All-Star Weekend. 

Commissioner Abram Razon says this is the first All-Star Weekend for the league, noting that they did have all-star weekends when they were South Eastman Filipino Basketball Association (SEMFA Basketball.) 

"It was more of our best players against each other. But this is the first time that we've done it in multiple divisions, and also inviting teams that are outside Steinbach. We have four visiting teams from Winnipeg for the All-Star weekend. It's definitely more of what I envision it to be. It's that big,” Razon says.

They have six all-star games lined up for the weekend and will kick it off with the Junior division at noon and the High School division at 1:15 PM.  

“We picked the top 20 players from that division and they're going to be playing against each other. We named the teams after the top coaches in that division, kind of like how NBA does it,” he explains. 

These games will be followed by the Women’s division all-star team battling against the St. Boniface University women’s team at 2:30 PM. Then, at 3:45 PM, Sabado League’s defending champions Knights One Winnipeg are matching up against the top players from the Seniors division (35 and above.) 

The PBL Elite All-Stars will face off against the “very well-known" Refresh Elite All-Stars from Winnipeg at 6:30 PM. 

Finally, the PBL All-Filipino All-Stars will wrap it up at 8 PM.  

“The main event is going to be the PBL All-Filipino All-Stars versus Metro Ball All-Stars, which is a Filipino league in Winnipeg where you get to represent your own hometown in the Philippines,” he says.

In between games will be a three-point shootout at 5 PM and the slam dunk contest at 6:30 PM.  

Current PBL and visiting players can showcase their skills beyond the arch in the three-point contest. The winner will receive $250, a plaque, a PBL t-shirt and keychain, and five raffle tickets for the fundraising raffle on June 17. 

The slam dunk contest features three PBL players and a guest participant. 

"We have Jermaine Akaromo, we have Branden Critch and Lloyd Hildebrand. All play for the Monstars team. We have a guest participant, Lorence Dela Cruz. I expect a lot from him. He's won multiple dunk contests in the past two years and definitely something to watch out for. But, you know, I'm rooting for everybody to win,” he explains, adding they have five guest judges, which consists of commissioners and founders of basketball organizations from Winnipeg. 

On top of all the festivities, they have invited DJ Era to provide more entertainment for the weekend. 

“A lot of fun, a lot of fun. I'm sure he's ready to bring some amazing music and lighting services for us,” he says. 

In addition to the enjoyment the All-Star weekend will bring, Razon says this opportunity allows them to unite the basketball communities across Manitoba. 

"It's hard to bring people outside of the southeast part of our province on a weekly basis,” he explains. “This is a way for those guys that we want to have here to come here at least for one weekend and see what our league is all about. And also, for our community here to see what's out there, what kind of talent is out there. I want us to be that league that brought everybody together.”