A huge fire enveloped the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Monday, leaving charred wreckage where one of the world's most well-loved Christian landmarks once stood. Massive plumes of smoke rose into the air today as the Notre Dame Cathedral burned from the inside out while tourists and locals alike looked on in disbelief and sadness.

The cathedral, built in gothic style, has been around since construction began on it in 1163 and is the seat of the Archbishop of Paris. Built on the island Île de la Cité, the landmark stood proudly in the centre of Paris. Colossal damages have been caused so far to the building and its structure. A spokesman has said that the entirety of the cathedral's inside is likely to be destroyed.

French President Emmanuel Macron posted a tweet soon after the fire first began, expressing "thoughts for all the Catholics and all the French. Like all our compatriots, I am sad tonight to see this part of us burn."

Notre Dame, which translates to Our Lady, was last majorly damaged in the 1700s during the French Revolution. Its ruin was documented by Victor Hugo in his novel from 1831, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. At the time fire broke out, the cathedral was undergoing renovations estimated at a cost of $6.8 million US. Authorities believe the cause of the fire is attributable to the renovation work that was being done on the Cathedral. No deaths have yet been reported from the blaze, and no word on injuries has yet been received.

Each year, about 13 million people travel to experience the magnificence of the Notre Dame Cathedral.