Countless volunteers covered Steinbach to clean up our community last weekend for Pick Up and Walk. 

Eldon Wallman, Manager of Solid Waste for the City of Steinbach, says the annual event is always an incredible day for City staff. 

“We can't physically do what happens that day. It's just amazing how much stuff gets picked up and cleaned up. It's not physically possible, we can't do it, so we're greatly appreciative of that day.” 

This year, 10.6 metric tons of waste came to the landfill from Pick Up and Walk.  

That's just over 23,000 pounds. 

Last week was fairly wet, which made the trash heavier. 

Wallman says the weight for this year's Pick Up and Walk waste was slightly above average. 

“We've done a lot lower, and we've done higher. But truth is, the higher year was a very, very wet year, so we were weighing more water than garbage I think that year.” 

He notes that although it’s great to see all this garbage get cleaned up, weirdly enough, it’s better to see a lower number, as that means there is less garbage on our streets that needs cleaning up. 

“I don't want to break records, I want it to be less and less every year.” 

Wallman reiterates cleaning up this much waste is only possible thanks to the entire community contributing their efforts. 

He is very proud to live and work in such an amazing community. 

“And to see people come out two weekends earlier. I see them out in the ditches with their rubber boots on, and the kids out there, it's starting early. There's a lot of pride in the City, always has been.” 


With files from Kenton Dyck