The City of Steinbach has a number of roadwork projects planned for this coming summer. 

City Engineer Aaron Rach says they will be doing some major underground infrastructure work on Barkman Avenue East. 

“Barkman Avenue from Henry Street to midway between the two Beaver Crescent legs, we are going to be doing some sewer and water main renewals on that street as well as full road reconstruction to the west of Penner Street and then some asphalt repairs to the east where the water main repairs are done.” 

Rach says they are using this project as an opportunity to remove a redundant intersection in that area. 

“There are two intersections of Barkman to Henry Street, the north one comes in kind of at a 45-degree angle and then there is the second one to the south that is at a 90-degree angle. We are removing that north intersection just because it is unnecessary having two intersections so close to each other plus angled intersections aren’t a safe design standard that is used now.” 

Rach says a portion of that stretch of Barkman will remain to provide access to the residences that front onto it. 

A top down map shows which intersection is being closedThe red box highlights the intersection that will be closed this summer

Meanwhile, Rach says two streets are part of their annual asphalt overlay program this year. 

“We are doing Reimer Avenue West from Giesbrecht to Brandt Street as well as Giesbrecht Street from Reimer Avenue West to Woodhaven Avenue. That is just spot curb repairs where there is damage and drainage issues and then the asphalt surface is milled down and resurfaced following that.” 

Construction dates have not been confirmed, but all of this work is expected to be completed by the end of the summer. 

looking down Reimer Ave. from Barkman streetReimer Avenue west of Brandt Street