Educational Assistants in Hanover School Division (HSD) remain on strike. 

The strike action by the Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) began on November 1st following numerous bargaining sessions between the parties since March of this year.

According to Hanover School Division, its offer presented to CLAC remained open for acceptance until November 15th. By the end of the day on November 15th, a deal had not yet been reached.

Geoff Dueck Thiessen is the Regional Director of CLAC. He has confirmed that CLAC and HSD are actively bargaining this week through the conciliator. 

We reached out to HSD to find out if a new offer has been presented. We also inquired about the number of EAs who have returned to work in recent days. The division provided the following statement to those questions:

Hanover School Division's top priority remains the well-being and education of our students. We have taken proactive measures to ensure their needs are met during this period to the best of our ability. The Division wishes to confirm that it has no intention of engaging in a lockout or preventing any employees who wish to work from continuing to work during the strike. The Division respects both the rights of employees to continue to strike as well as the rights of employees to continue to work. The Division remains committed to ongoing discussions and a mutually agreed and bargained settlement between the parties. We anticipate and look forward to ongoing discussions with CLAC Local 306.


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