Steinbach City Council approved a resolution regarding plans for an 18 unit commercial condominium in the North end of the City. 

This application for 40 North Gate Drive in Steinbach is a second phase to a larger scale commercial development and is consistent with the City’s Official Community Plan. 

The subdivision application has two parts.  

First, to create a one lot plan of subdivision with the lot having an approximate size of two acres. 

Second, to create an 18 unit commercial bare land condominium plan of subdivision along with a common element from the residual parcel of approximately 50 acres. 

This subject parcel is designated as Commercial Policy Area under the City's Official Community Plan with the subject parcel zoned as Commercial Corridor (C3).  

The first phase of this development received approval in 2014 with a further revision approved in 2016.  

The proposal that was discussed last week shows a revised lot and lane access layout within the development, however, it remains as a commercial condominium plan, which is generally consistent with the concept plan provided at the time that the first phase was approved.  

Councillor Michael Zwaagstra says it will be great to see this development proceed. 

"It’s always good to see more commercial development happening in our City, and that’s what this subdivision allows for."

Mayor Earl Funk says there are not many buildings similar to this one in Steinbach. 

"It's like Millbrook Market. It's one of a kind in our community."