Niverville Communities in Bloom is about to unveil the first of their three projects this year.

Board Member Shirley Hoult says a 16 x 8-foot mural will be attached to the west side of the post office building on Main Street.

“It's actually a removable one,” informs Hoult of the frame, “so if something happens to the building, we can take the mural down and move it somewhere else.”

The mural was completed by, University of Manitoba art student Abigail Olfert, who volunteered her time and assisted in coming up with the design.


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Lastly, the committee has just to make a decision on the final design of a 64-foot-long heritage wall set to be placed in front of the Credit Union parking lot.

“We were hoping to get it up this fall, and still hoping to do that,” says Hoult regarding the structure, “depending on the weather and the amount of time it takes for the manufacturer, Fusion Industries, to complete it.”