Living up to the phrase, “Niverville is the second fastest-growing town in Manitoba” has not been difficult for its residents and businesses.  

The Chief Administrative Officer for Niverville says, “Commercial growth in 2022 has been a huge area of growth.”  

Eric King says, in 2021 there were 3 commercial/industrial permits pulled worth $1.5 million dollars, while in 2022 there were 12 commercial/industrial permits pulled valued at $6.9 million dollars.  

King says there were more homes built last year than in 2022 with 67 single-family housing starts worth $21.6 million dollars and this year only 41 single-family homes valued at $15.6 million dollars.  

There were also 3 more multi-family permits pulled in 2021, equalling 68 doors, valued at $11.6 million dollars compared to this year with only 10 multi-family houses being built, equalling 34 doors coming in at $7.2 million dollars.  

King says, in the first nine months of 2021, there were a total of 154 permits pulled, valued at $38.6 million dollars, while this year till the end of September there were 155 permits pulled valued at $31.7 million dollars.  

Still, the mayor of Niverville says he wouldn’t call the number of homes and businesses being built a "spike, but rather a bit of a multiplication if you will."

Myron Dyck says, "As soon as a few new businesses come to town, then you get a few more and so on and so forth, I believe that's what we're seeing on the business side. Then on the residential side, I mean, Niverville is part and parcel of what the overall economics of Southern Manitoba are which is, that the latest news we got from the Winnipeg Real Estate Board about a week ago, was saying that there were some regions in Manitoba which were plateauing or maybe even recessing a little bit in their property values, but that there was still quite strong growth demand in other areas and they cited cottage country and rural communities in and around Winnipeg. So, for whatever reason, there still is a desire from people to not necessarily live in the city, but to have access to smaller community living, but still with access to the city, while still enjoying the suburbia lifestyle, if you will.” 

It's been five years since their industrial park first became a reality and now the plot of land northeast of Niverville can't open up lots quickly enough. Dyck says, as soon as a culvert has been installed the lot is spoken for. This speaks very well of the desire for more commercial/industrial land in and around Niverville, something he says, they are working on.

Businesses in the new Niverville Industrial Park Businesses in the new Niverville Industrial Park in 2022

Dyck says it’s not just the town council and chamber businesses that are growing Niverville, rather the residents have been motivated to build local parks, beautify the town by planting trees and pushing for adding amenities.  

“My comment has always been that there are five people on Council and we can do some good things, but when you have a good volunteer base, that's when you can truly do great things. And whatever growth we've seen in our community has been when the residents have bought in, whether it’s our Heritage Centre, whether it's the CRRC or it's just different things that are going on. The great things that are happening in the community are because the residents are willing to roll up their sleeves and give of their time, their energy, their dollars and they take pride in their community but they also want to see it get better. I am just very grateful for all the volunteers we have, for all those that support the volunteers, financially and otherwise, and for our great businesses that also provide revenue and support to some of these projects as well. It truly is Team Niverville and when Team Niverville is working together as I say, then truly great things can be done.”