Representatives from the Town of Niverville and Edie Construction Limited broke ground on the Niverville Business Park Thursday morning.

Niverville Mayor Myron Dyck says they are very excited to partner with Edie Construction Limited in the development of the project. He notes after years of work, the friendly annexation with the R.M. of Hanover was finalized in January, allowing Niverville to move forward with their plans.

“What we have today is an announcement of 21 business slots ranging in size from a half acre to two and a half acres in size that are now officially available for sale. What this will allow is for new business owners to set up in Niverville as well as for existing business owners a chance to expand if they wish to do so.”

Dyck says business growth is essential to the future of Niverville as it will provide more economic stability and provide Niverville residents with a place to work in their own community.

“It goes to check another box in councils mandate that was given to them in the 2014 election, at that time we were 87% residential 13% business as far as our ratio of properties and we knew that to be a sustainable community, in talking with other mayors and reeves, we needed to get more to that 60-40 ratio so council was working very hard to promote business and today is about that.”

Dyck says for the past few years there have been a number of businesses come through the town office inquiring about opportunities to set up in Niverville and they have been trying to get this project going quickly so that they can capitalize on those opportunities. He notes so far there has been very promising interest in the Niverville Business Park and they look forward to selling the lots.