With Christmas Day now only a few sleeps away, a local firefighter is offering some reminders to help make this a safe Christmas season.

Cindi Klassen-Krahn is Public Education Officer for Steinbach Fire Department. She says it is always shocking to witness a family lose their possessions in a house fire during the Christmas season.

For those who set up a Christmas tree, Klassen-Krahn stresses the importance of making sure it does not block a second point of egress in a home. Also, do not position it too close to a fireplace or heat source.

"You want to make sure that your Christmas tree is fully watered if it's a live tree," she says. "You want to make sure that the lights on your tree are CSA approved."

Klassen-Krahn says LED lights tend not to heat up as much and she asks people to refrain from using older lights.

As for extension cords, Klassen-Krahn says you don't want bends in the cords and be sure not to overload your wall circuit. Also, extension cords are temporary, not permanent. If you are hanging up Christmas lights, Klassen-Krahn says don't use staples, nails or tacks to attach them to walls or fireplace mantles.

Meanwhile, Klassen-Krahn says candles are great smelling but very dangerous. She says if you feel the need to light them, make sure you don't leave the room while they are lit and her rule of thumb is the person who lights a candle, is the person responsible for blowing it out. Candles should be placed in fireproof containers.

Klassen-Krahn says before going to bed each night, make sure all Christmas lights are unplugged, candles are extinguished and also make sure your doors are not frozen. She also says now is a great time to test smoke alarms. Klassen-Krahn notes smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors have expiration dates.