Niverville will soon be home to a massive hotel rivalling the Canad Inns in Grand Forks.

According to Trevor Rempel of Steel Creek Developers, the town’s growing population and growing list of amenities has made it an increasingly desirable place to build. Rempel says he has been working on a project plan for several years now. With their Community Resource and Recreation Centre on the cusp of completion, and wedding venues now surrounding the community on all sides, he says the time has never been better to introduce a hotel to the region… and his company plans on going all out.

The 70-suite facility will be built near the golf course along Old Drovers Run. Located so far from the Trans-Canada Highway and farther still from the nearest airport, Rempel and his team recognized that some significant features were needed to put their facility on the map.

“We are trying to do something a little bit different here,” he says, “it is an opportunity for us to turn Niverville into a destination.”

The crowning jewel of the hotel will be its indoor pool.

“We’re planning a bit of a larger pool, possibly some spray features for toddlers, and then some long double water slides,” shares Rempel. “It is definitely going to be more than what any hotel in Winnipeg has, and a really nice local option versus travelling across the American border.”

While its waterpark detail will not be quite as extensive as the Canad Inns', Rempel expects it will provide a comparable local alternative. He adds digital renderings of what the space will look like are still pending.|

Suites with bunk beds will be ideally suited to larger families. Photo Credit: Steel Creek Developers

A self-proclaimed “farmboy,” Rempel says his company is paying special attention to the needs and wants of rural Manitobans as they develop the space. Acknowledging the large families that exist in the region, the building will include several suites with bunk beds. Then, in acknowledgment of the tradespeople that frequent the area, it will also be built with specially divided rooms that two coworkers do not have to awkwardly share the exact same space.

Meanwhile, Rempel says his hotel is also hoping to solve a uniquely Canadian problem.

“One common issue in hotels across the country is kids playing mini-sticks in the hallways,” he laughs. “It chews up the walls and disturbs other guests because of the noise.”

Not looking to discourage the national staple, Rempel says the hotel’s meeting room will be designed with durable walls and double as a makeshift recreation area. “A place where kids can go have fun and play mini-sticks to their heart’s content and without bothering everybody.”

All of this, and less than a year to complete it. Rempel says his ideal, and admittedly ambitious, timeline would see the build completed by the Niverville Winter Games of 2022; this coming February.

“We want to be very aggressive,” he says. “We are not committing to being open by the winter games, and it is probably highly unlikely, but hopefully we can get it done.”

This will be the fourth hotel within the Blue Crescent Hotel brand, and the largest. Construction is set to begin early this summer.