There is a new three-way stop intersection in St Pierre. 

Two new Stop signs were installed at the corner of Jolys Avenue East and Croteau Street Tuesday afternoon.

Mayor Raymond Mayard explains the reason behind these new signs. 

"There are a lot of vehicles who are going out of town because it's pretty well on the outskirts of town, tend to go out a lot faster than the posted 50kms or come in a lot faster. So, we had to try and figure out a way to slow the traffic down and make things safe for our residents."

Maynard says, after consulting with the RCMP, who suggested putting up a three-way stop, they did just that. 

The two new Stop signs are along Jolys Avenue East, facing both east and west at the Croteau Street intersection. 

He notes in talking with some of the residents in the area, "It's working." 

A notification to the Village of St Pierre residents says, 

"We ask everyone to be careful and take note of the newly installed Stop signs. Let's prioritize safety and make our community a safe place for all. We thank you for your cooperation on the one hand and your understanding on the other hand, in making our streets safer for all. Together we can make a positive impact."