Welcome to another Made in Manitoba, and again this weekend, another opportunity to introduce you to a new group on the program... Winnipeg based Neighbour Andy. All five band members joined us for the conversation, Vocalist Drake Lesperance, Mark Davidson on lead guitar, MacKenzie Jackson on bass, Joel d’Eschambault on keyboard and Jordan Alexiuk with the drums.

Neighbour Andy's beginnings go back to 2017, and along the way the group has grown both in its number of members, as well as its sound, which is a unique blend of indie rock and Americana.

Neighbour Andy on stage at Winnipeg's Park Theatre last OctoberNeighbour Andy on stage at Winnipeg's Park Theatre last October. Supplied photo.

Their debut, full-length album is called "Wild One", and tonight we're featuring music from it on Made in Manitoba... and yes, we'll be sure to ask them where the band's name came from. Thank you for joining us. The music of Neighbour Andy, and our conversation with the group, begins after this.