Steinbach could break another temperature record today.

After daytime highs of 16 degrees on Saturday and 19 degrees on Sunday, the warmest day of this warm spell might very well be today. Natalie Hasell with Environment Canada says they are calling for a high of 22 degrees Celsius today, ever so close to the warmest October 18 on record. According to Environment Canada, that record was set in 2018, when the temperature peaked at 23.3 degrees.

But, the string of very mild days will end after today. Hasell says winds are generally from the south today. A trough is coming across the prairies, expected to reach us tonight.

"Sometime before morning the winds will switch to be out of the north and they will continue to be out of the north for a while," she says.

The normal high for this time of year is nine degrees. Hasell says Tuesday's high will be much closer to normal, with an expected temperature of 11 degrees. Then, starting Wednesday and for the rest of the week, single digit highs are anticipated for Steinbach with overnight lows below freezing. The normal low for this time of year is -1.

"I know it's mid-October, but if you still have stuff in your garden, today is the day to deal with it," she cautions.

Hasell says though relatively sunny, the winds from the north will keep temperatures below normal the rest of the week. Hasell says there is no snow in the short range forecast.