The Transportation Director for Hanover School Division says buses ran only a few minutes behind schedule Wednesday morning.

"Essentially the roads were relatively good considering all the snow we had," says Ray Fast. "The country roads are very rough though and there are slippery sections out there that slowed us down quite a bit (Wednesday) morning." Fast says "overall it went almost better than I expected. We didn't have any real difficulties."

Fast says there were some roads that buses did not venture down Wednesday morning. "There was a few areas that had not been cleared yet where the drivers just didn't feel comfortable going down. But most of those we had been advised of by parents." Fast appreciates all the calls from parents who tip him off as to which roads are not suitable for buses. "That was very helpful," he says.

"We did get everybody in here before the nine o'clock session," he says. "I did notice though from my location here that some of the buses were probably running I'm guessing five to eight minutes behind schedule." He says that was due to the road conditions. "They're very rough and we ask the drivers just to be cautious and drive a little slower."

Fast says he has no regrets in sending out buses Wednesday morning. "Everything went as basically I expected."