This is only the third time Steinbach has held the Great Easter Egg Hunt and each year, the event grows as more children participate and more eggs are scattered. 

Derek Williamson with A & W Steinbach says they were surprised last year by the number of children who showed up to collect chocolate eggs, so he’s doubling the number of eggs for this year. 

We are told to expect over 45,000 chocolate eggs at the Mennonite Heritage Village on Saturday morning. 

Although it’s called a “hunt,” Williamson explains the event is more like a “scramble.” 

“We’re going to do it down (the museum’s) main street this year. Part of the main street is blocked off for kids five and under and their parents, so they feel a little more relaxed that they’re not going to get trampled. The rest of the main street is for all other ages, and it is a scatter.” 

Poster for the Great Easter Egg Hunt

Williamson says this free community event is a great way for everyone to celebrate Easter together. 

The doors open Saturday morning at 10am at Mennonite Heritage Village with various activities to keep the children busy until eggs drop at 11am. 

Parents can look forward to a free coffee bar which will be set up by A & W. 

Steinbach Family Resource Centre will be there with facepainting and colouring pages in the auditorium. 

Kismet Creek Farm is bringing bunnies and chickens, as well as some baby chicks. This will also be in the auditorium, since the chicks need to stay warm. 

The entire event runs from 10am until 12 noon on Saturday and is free to attend. 

“It is a free admission day, but we are asking if guests can bring a tin for the bin, then we can help out Southeast Helping Hands with their requirements and the things they need to help the rest of us in the community,” explains Robert Goertzen, program manager at Mennonite Heritage Village. 

1,560 people attended the event last year, which is more than double the number of participants during the first year.

Bring a bag to collect lots of chocolate eggs, and you might need rubber boots, depending on the weather.