Motorists are likely getting used to lane closures on Loewen Boulevard in Steinbach as work continues with upgrading Lift Station #2. 

The City of Steinbach sent out a notice on Friday, expecting westbound traffic to be reinstated Saturday morning, while the eastbound lane closure at the Home Street intersection will continue. 

Street parking will be unavailable between Hospital Street and Henry Street until further notice. 

Back in fall, City Council awarded the contract to Penn-co Construction Canada for upgrades to this lift station. 

Councillor Jac Siemens explained the reason for this project to be completed. 

“This lift station is an important piece to a much larger project so that we can allow subdivisions to go ahead on the East side of Steinbach as well as provide better flows through the city.” 

Lane closures on Loewen Boulevard have been happening since this project began in January. 

Map of detours around section of Loewen Boulevard.