The city of Steinbach is alerting residents of a temporary equipment malfunction at one of its lift stations.

The malfunction happened at Lift Station #2 which is located at 330 Loewen Boulevard. The city says the malfunction happened overnight and their Waterworks Department is currently looking into the issue. At this time it is not known if the malfunction is related to last night's rainstorm, which produced a significant amount of rain.

The city has received some reports of sewer backups by residents in the vicinity of Lift Station #2. Residents in the area experiencing sewer backup are encouraged to contact their property insurance company for further instruction.

The city continues to investigate this matter and additional updates will be provided as more information is available. 

Aside from the temporary malfunction, Lift Station #2 is operating normally. Steinbach has a total of six lift stations, responsible for pumping wastewater to the city's wastewater lagoon facility for treatment. 

The city's water supply is a separate system and therefore water quality is not impacted by this event in any way.